Vyro is a new component manufacturer based in Austria.
Gregor, the company’s founder and a passionate MTB rider, started developing highly innovative bike parts back in 2012. Now, after successfully realizing the first series of products, he and his young team look to starting to revolutionize the bike market with several different, and actually smarter bike parts.

– Gregor Schuster, VYRO Founder and passionate MTB Freerider


The all-new AmEn1 for All Mountain & Enduro combines the advantages of 1x and 2x drivetrains with those of gear boxes.
Our Mission

Innovation versus Evolution

We aim to challenge the big market players and their staid yearly product evolutions. Because our goal is no less than the design of truly pioneering new bike components. We want to create real Innovations boosting your ride to the limits. Therefore we feel we have to review those apparently proven solutions that dominate the market and find new and better ways to deliver improved function. Thanks to your financial support and on-going input on the AmEN1 project we have been able make it to serial production and have now started sales. But this is just the beginning!
There’s a sheer endless list of projects in the pipeline, from a 7-speed hub over to new suspension forks, to cycling glasses and much more. There is a lot to do!

Our working style

From bike freaks for bike freaks

Our hearts beat for the spirit of our beloved sport of mountain biking, for nature, the unique moments on the bike, and for the people we meet on the trail, all sharing the experience with us. We live by an open door corporate culture, and invite everyone to join in on our development process. Because we think that this is the key for you to be involved and truly love our products. Our production is focused on quality, and to cause the smallest ecological footprint possible in what we do.Part of that is that whenever possible we will always choose to work with local production partners.  


Our philosophy

try hard. try harder. push forward and never give up

It is a long way from a vision to a product. You need to be strong and totally convinced of your goal. All the way! You need to review your ideas again and again, until you really satisfy all of your aims and deliver the goods. Then your product will thrill your customers.
This is the way Gregor develops products at Vyro. Since the 90s he has tinkered away and tested each new iteration to invent a light and harmonic shifting system. Due to one improvement building off the last, he finally found a way to practically build an affordable segmented chain ring shifting system for standard bike frames. Often at his limits, Gregor made his way over the hurdles with the help of his supporters – the Vyroneers.